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Hello everyone my name is Diane.  Welcome to my holistic page which I hope you take from it what you need at this moment in time...

I began my holistic, spiritual journey in 2007 when I did my reiki level 1. I went on to do all of the listed therapies and more, finally finding what felt right to work with over the years. I have met many great teachers and now friends on my journey.

My aim with this page is to reach a wider range of people whom are on their own journey and wanting to develop their own skills and those who simply need some healing.

I spend my time working around granny duties, part time work and my therapies, and walking my son's dog.

I love all aspects of healing and how each of them can have many similarities. I desire to help those wishing to learn or experience a healing and share what knowledge I have in the hope it will help. I hope to learn from those who wish to share their knowledge too.

  Diane Erika

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Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
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